Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heaven right here!

It was a first for me in ministry. Performing a memorial service at a saloon.

Froggy's Saloon, located on the famous Main Street of Bike Week Daytona, is only one block from our church...but it might as well be worlds apart. However, on a Saturday afternoon the two worlds came together under one outdoor auditorium. I was asked to do the service for the family and friends of Russell Buchanan, a security bouncer for 12 years at Froggy's, who tragically died in a motorcycle accident a few weeks before.

Two worlds came together to find "heaven right here." Two by David...the 23rd Psalm with a bikers twist coupled with Lynard Skynard's, "Hell or Heaven." In the song, "Hell or Heaven" it talks about making a choice on how you will live on earth and to "find heaven right here." I challenged the over 125 family and friends to find "heaven right here" as they remembered and celebrated their friend, Russell's life.

People shared with me for a couple of hours afterwards, while the band played and the beverages and food line flowed, how special this time was for them. Big biker guys with teary eyes..."heaven right here." A dozen cross necklaces shared..."heaven right here." People looking for a church that is real and not judgemental or religious..."heaven right here."

It was a great celebration of two worlds coming together that day to find "heaven right here." I am planning to spend some time at Froggy's getting to know the people and simply build a relationship of respect. I hope to continue to find "heaven right here" as our two worlds come together as one.

Where is God guiding you in finding "heaven right here?"

Until the next cup of java from the backporch of life....

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