Thursday, June 17, 2010

It was an awesome outreach cookout and concert...for no matter who!
150+ people were fed at the cookout...120 stayed for the awesome "PAID" youth concert!
A friend of mine walked out before the concert and commented on how few cars were in the lot but there were so many people at the cookout. Then we turned to the back porch and saw all the bikes! No matter who...walker, bicycler, car driver...all gathered to share food and be reminded in music of God's love through Jesus who "PAID" for our sins and gives us new matter who.
The next day, a homeless friend gave me the following poem he felt inspired to write.
He Love You!
It's amazing and incredible but it is as true as it can be,
God loves and understands us all and that means you and me.
His grace is all sufficient for both the young and the old,
For the lonely and the timid for the brash and the bold.
His love knows NO exceptions
No matter who or what you are, your name has been included.
And no matter what your past has been,
Trust God to understand.
And no matter what your problem is
Just place it in his hand.
For in all of our unloveliness this Great God loves us still,
He loved us since the world began and whats more, He always will!
No matter who you are or where you are His love is there for you..."PAID" in full.
Now you are to go and be in debt to show His love to matter who!
Till the next cup of java on the backporch...

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