Wednesday, September 22, 2010

God Loves YOU Trucking!

A month ago I was finding myself leaning more on the side of "worrier" than a "whatever." I had visited with my dad on a Friday and he was not good after suffering yet another stroke. I was not sure if he was going to pull through this one. I felt my insides starting to get tense with worry.
The next day my wife Loreen went with me to the hospital to visit dad. He was still in the fog of the stroke. As we left and began our drive home on I-4 East I talked with her how I was feeling.
All of a sudden I told her to get out the camera and take a picture. The picture I had her take was the one above!
Here was this huge flat bed truck hauling a load of a tiny Tonka dump truck. I sensed God showing me a lesson about my worried heart and soul:

"Ken, you are looking at your worries as if they are huge and weighing you down. They can if you continue to try to carry the load on your own. However, if you give your load of worries, stressors and anxieties to me it is like this semi pulling this tiny Tonka truck. I got it. Stop worrying and start transferring the load over to me!" ---God

As I went to pass the truck Loreen shouted at me with such enthusiasm the question, "Did you see the name of the trucking company on the side of the cab of the truck?" I didn't see it because I was focusing on the road ahead, usually a good idea when passing a semi! The name of the trucking company was: "God Loves YOU trucking!"
I got it! I knew then and there that no matter how big my load of worries may get I can transfer my load, through prayer, to "God Loves YOU trucking!"
(Read Lamentations 3:28-30 MSG & Philippians 4:6,7 MSG)

"God Loves YOU trucking" is ready to pick up your load!

Till the next cup of java from the backporch!

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