Thursday, February 25, 2010


From the view from the backporch things are happening because "company is coming!" New mulch was spread in the flower beds. Bushes were trimmed. Directional signs for parking, food, and restrooms are being placed. Who is the company? Thousands of bikers for the annual Daytona Beach Bike Week! The backporch is being transformed into a food court and a great viewing place for watching hundreds of bikers park...($2 a tire!) in the church parking lot.
Company is coming and we are getting the place looking great!

When you know company is coming to visit you at your house you do your best to get the place looking good. Pick up dirty clothes, vacuum, dust, clean and get groceries for a fine meal for your guests.

I am trying to learn that each day "company is coming!" His name is Jesus. How am I getting ready for Him each day? What am I offering Him?

Moses told Aaron that they were to offer the "best and holiest" sacrifices to God. (Numbers 18:29) That was to be God's portion!

What portion of my daily livng am I offering to God? Am I offering my "best and holiest" to God? Or is God getting mediocre,leftovers and half-heartedness? Company is coming! Jesus is coming!
Will He find me daily offering my "best and holiest?"
Till the next cup of java from the backporch...

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