Thursday, March 25, 2010

Holy Week SWAT team!

It was the week before Holy Week as I sat on the backporch of the church. I looked across the parking lot and saw the heavily armored car and men getting ready to head out in search of some individual. The police S.W.A.T. team were gearing up to do a raid somewhere in the community. About an hour later they came back and dispersed.

I got to thinking about that first Holy Week and the SWAT team involved. It was not a heavily armored vehicle but a donkey. The team that went out was a betraying friend and some soldiers. The rest of the followers ran in fear. Jesus was beaten up pretty good and then falsely tried and accused. He carried on his shoulders what would hold his lifeless crucified body.

The next SWAT team that would venture out on that Sunday sunrise was a group of women. They were in search of an individual...Jesus. They didn't find him at his last known address. He was missing...gone!!! He turned himself in to the fearful followers later at an upper room.

The SWAT team of Holy Week found their individual! A resurrected Savior!!!
You and I are now a part of that Holy Week SWAT team. We are geared up with the grace and love of Jesus searching individuals who are lost and need to meet him. We don't barge down doors but meet them where they are and show Jesus' love.

Who are you searching for who is searching for Jesus?'s time to gear up and go S.erve W.ith A.ction and T.ruth our resurrected Savior!

Till the next cup of java from the backporch...

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